• Fostering Culture of Innovation

    How to Create an Ecosystem that will Inspire Innovation

  • About this course:

    Find out how to build a culture that will deliver the expected returns of 10X

    What this course is about:


    Innovation is the key driver of the modern enterprise. Today corporate innovation becomes a necessity to survive in the digital age. But successful innovation doesn’t happen overnight – it needs to be nurtured. Innovation always starts with culture.


    By attending this course you will learn what are the key ingredients of the secret sauce of innovative culture and how your organization can accelerate its leadership and innovation by creating an internal ecosystem for innovation.

    What you will learn:

    • Understand the process of innovation and key elements of innovative culture inside organization
    • Adopt the mindset of corporate innovator
    • Aquire leadership and management skills for creating a culture of innovation
    • Learn techniques how to build a more creative and collaborative culture that fosters innovation
    • Leverage your unique strengths, skills & assets for innovation as team or organization.

    Who should attend?


    C-level executives, VPs, team and division managers,

    innovation managers and HR executives

  • What you will get:


    Insider Knowledge


    Practical Takeaways


    Inspirational Insights


    Hands on Experience


    Turn-Key Solutions

  • Course highlights:

    Learn about emerging trends, technologies, and ideas that shape innovative culture

    Learn from thought leaders who are spearheading innovation

    Explore new technologies that are necessary to all innovative ecosystems

    Explore the best practices of corporate culture from Silicon Valley tech giants

  • Course structure:

    How innovation works​

    Module 1.

    • Decoding innovation
    • The 3 Pillars of a Culture of Innovation (people, process, places)
    • Other triggers and drivers of innovation
    • Mapping challenges and institutional barriers to innovation
    • Integrating innovative culture into core value system
    • Measuring the effects of innovative culture

    Creating inspiring environments

    Module 2.


    Strategies and tools to create a fostering, sustainable environment where innovation can prosper

    Design-led innovation

    Inspiring spaces: best practices from leading innovative companies


    Business Processes & Communication

    Module 3.

    • Analysing corporate traditions & rituals. Changing the patterns
    • Processes to channel innovation process
    • Knowledge management inside organization
    • Encouraging sharing ideas
    • Developing trust
    • Improving dialogue (listen, discuss, give feedback)
    • Managing challenging conversations
    • Collective decision making & ideation techniques
    • What makes a great team

    The Role of Leadership

    Module 4.

    • The role model of innovative leadership
    • How to be an inspiring leader
    • Emotional intelligence 2.0
    • Mentorship techniques

    Shaping the Mindset for Innovation

    Module 5.

    • Think different
    • Developing new habits
    • Generating and evaluation ideas
    • Culture of risk-taking, failures and making mistakes

    Fostering Internal Innovation (Tools & Techniques)

    Module 6.

    • Crowdsourcing ideas and brainstorming techniques
    • Effective ways to collaborate, address problems and co-create
    • Introducing new members to a workplace
    • Training and developing agents of change
    • Nurturing and improving innovative cultures
  • Inspiring Innovative Culture

    Fostering Culture of Innovation

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