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  • About Tatiana:

    Tatiana A. Indina (Ph.D.) is an international Innovation & Leadership consultant, Executive & Team Coach, Mentor & Author.

    She is a CEO of Indina-Consulting International Agency; CEO & a Founder of Silicon Valley Mentors online mentorship service.

    Dr. Indina expertise includes Corporate Innovation Strategy and Innovation Management, Innovation Ecosystem Roadmapping, Organizational Change, Innovative Leadership and Innovative Culture development.

    She has over 12 years of training & consulting experience assisting her clients (global corporations, government organizations, start-ups, universities and research centers) with actualizing their Innovative potential.

    Her agency Indina-Consulting (international training & consulting company, based in San Francisco) provides strategic leadership and corporate innovation advisory services to organizations sized from early-stage startups to multinational corporations - to help accelerate the ways they discover and pilot innovation, design innovative strategies, develop innovative cultures, build teams and foster the new generation of innovative leaders.

    Tatiana has a successful track record working with C-level executives of Fortune 500 companies across different industries - in Silicon Valley and globally. She also advises to a number Silicon Valley startups.


    In 2018 Tatiana started working on Silicon Valley Mentors - an online platform that allows innovative startups and companies from all over the world to find a mentor in Silicon Valley, to help their business.

    As a mentor herself, she has worked with startups and innovative companies in Eastern and Western Europe, Asia and North America. Through her project Silicon Valley Mentors she aims to empower global entrepreneurs and corporate innovators with the expertise and best practices of technology innovation from Silicon Valley.

    Tatiana frequently speaks at International events and conferences & has published extensively on the topics of Startups & Innovation, Internet, and Technology, Innovative Leadership and Entrepreneurship, Organizational Change and Development. As a trainer and speaker, she is known for engaging and inspiring her audiences.

    Tatiana has written 5 books and over 50 research papers. Her latest book, “CEO 2.0”, addresses the problem of developing key competencies for the next generation of leaders, that will determine their success in digital age.

    An out-of-the-box thinker and an entrepreneur at heart, Tatiana says: “I am driven by the mission of helping scale innovation around the world and build new innovative eco-systems outside of Silicon Valley in which entrepreneurs and businesses can grow, succeed and make the world a better place”.



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    Featured Courses on Innovation:

    Learn How to Innovate in Silicon Valley Way

    and Start Your Company's Innovative Transformation

    Corporate Innovation


    Re-imagine corporate innovation with

    Silicon Valley perspective. Build your innovative roadmap and establish your company as a future-ready innovator today.  

    Innovative Culture


    Discover how you can foster the culture of innovation that will catalyze your team's innovative potential and bring a 10xeffect to your company's results.

    CEO 2.0 Innovative Leadership


    Become an innovation leader yourself, learn how to create and communicate your innovative vision, inspire your people and lead them through innovative transition to the future you shape.

    Corporate Entrepreneurship


    Accelerate your innovation journey by training the next generation of your company's change agents - corporate entrepreneurs.

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