• Team Synergy and Organization Culture Training for High Growth Companies


    With Tatiana Indina (Ph.D.)



    In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, high-growth companies face unique challenges in harnessing the full potential of their teams and establishing a thriving organizational culture.


    The "Team Synergy and Organization Culture Training for High Growth Companies" program is designed to equip these companies with the tools, strategies, and insights needed to foster exceptional teamwork and cultivate a dynamic, positive workplace culture that fuels success.





    • CEOs and Executives of high-growth companies
    • HR and Talent Development Professionals
    • Team Leaders and Managers
    • Employees at all levels looking to contribute to a positive culture and improved team dynamics



    • You will recieve practical strategies and tools to navigate the challenges of growth, engage your team effectively, and create an inspiring workplace culture.
    • You will gain understanding of how to harness your team's synergy and cultivate a thriving organizational culture that propels their high-growth company towards sustainable success.


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    About Tatiana Indina

    - International business consultant and leadership coach (15+ years of experience advising Fortune 500 executives, startups, entrepreneurs, and governmental leaders in Europe, Asia, USA);

    - Fulbright Scholar (Wilson Center, Washington DC);

    - Harvard University (Berkman Center) Scholar;

    - Ph.D. in Psychology (self-regulation and decision-making)
    - International awards in psychological science research and technology policy research;

    - Speaker at global business forums, including Davos World Economic Forum, the Ditchley Foundation, United Nations, and others;

    - 15+ years of expertise in global and international markets (consulting global leaders, facilitating cross-border partnerships);

    - Silicon Valley entrepreneur (Mission2Mars Academy, Indina-Consulting CEO & Founder);

    - Author, "CEO 2.0 - Innovative Leadership Training".



    • Enhance Team Synergy: Cultivate an environment where teams collaborate seamlessly, communicate effectively, and leverage the strengths of individual members to achieve collective goals.


    • Build a Strong Organizational Culture: Develop a shared set of values, beliefs, and behaviors that align with the company's mission, fostering a culture of innovation, adaptability, and resilience.


    • Boost Employee Engagement: Engage employees at all levels, increasing motivation, satisfaction, and retention rates, ultimately driving productivity and company growth.


    • Facilitate Change Management: Equip leaders with the skills and strategies to lead their teams through growth and change, ensuring a smooth transition and sustained success.
  • Program Highlights:

    • Interactive Workshops: Engage participants in hands-on, scenario-based activities and discussions to reinforce key concepts and encourage practical application.

    • Customized Solutions: Tailor the program to address specific challenges and opportunities within each company, ensuring relevance and effectiveness.

    • Assessment and Feedback: Utilize assessments, surveys, and feedback mechanisms to continuously evaluate progress and adapt the program accordingly.


    • Expert Facilitation: Benefit from top level expertise of high-growth company dynamics, team dynamics, and organizational culture development.

  • Team Synergy and Organization Culture Training for High Growth Companies


    Program Modules:

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    Module 1.

    Understanding High Growth Dynamics: 

    • Explore the unique challenges and opportunities associated with high-growth companies, and identify strategies to navigate them effectively.
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    Module 2.

    Building High-Performing Teams:

    • Develop skills in team formation, collaboration, and conflict resolution to enhance team synergy and productivity.
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    Module 3.

    Creating a Positive Organizational Culture:

    • Define and instill a values-based culture that empowers employees, drives innovation, and fosters a sense of belonging.
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    Module 4.

    Leadership in High-Growth Organizations:

    • Equip leaders with the tools to inspire and guide their teams through change, and foster an environment of continuous learning and improvement.
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    Module 5.

    Measuring and Sustaining Success:

    • Implement measurement tools and KPIs to track progress, and establish strategies for ongoing culture maintenance and enhancement.


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