• Silicon Valley Discovery Tours

    Dive into Silicon Valley innovative ecosystem

    and get the most insider experience

  • Learn, Meet, Experience, Get Inspired:

    • Get access to a powerful innovative ecosystem.
    • Learn about latest disruptive technology trends
    • Discover the opportunities they bring for your business
    • Get connected with the best Silicon Valley experts,
    • Get innovative insights by interacting with entrepreneurs and peers from disruptive companies.
    • Accelerate your innovation journey by connecting with potential strategic partners and technology players.
  • What you will get:

    What are the most important results our participants get from Discovery tours?


    Knowledge, Insights,

    Insider stories


    Practical instruments,

    cases, best practices


    New connections and partnerships



    innovative mindset

  • Explore the latest innovation trends with digitally native companies and connect with aspiring “unicorns”



    DAY 1

    Introduction to Silicon Valley and Major Attractions:

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    Hotel Check In

    8 am - 12 pm PST

    Silicon Valley offers hundreds of attractive venues to make your stay comfortable. We partner with the best ones. We recommend hotels to stay, tour participants manage their own booking.

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    San Francisco

    City Highlights

    12.00 pm - 04.00 pm

    You will see the Golden Gate Bridge, Pier 39, breathtaking Twin Peaks, some famous sights of of SF downtown and get a feeling of a unique atmosphere of this place.

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    Tour opening Session

    06.00 pm - 08.00 pm

    Our program will start from the opening session where you ll meet your group and your guides and learn about Silicon Valley innovative ecosystem and disruptive technology trends

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    Welcome reception

    09.00 pm

    You will meet some of the local entrepreneurs and startups and celebrate the beginning of your innovative journey - your life after Silicon Valley will never be the same! 

  • Unlock potential partnership opportunities with Silicon Valley mentors, investors and startups

    Accelerate your company’s innovative transformation.

    Get equipped with best practices, strategies and tools

  • DAY 2

    Visit the main Silicon Valley Legendary Companies and learn their secrets of innovation:

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    Visit the N1 innovative company in the world and learn from their success stories.

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    Visit the new Apple campus and learn what are the next innovations company is working on

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    Get inspired by unique innovative culture of Facebook in exciting campus tour

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    Visit Tesla HQ or Tesla Factory, take the future for the test drive and try the unique Tesla coffee blend

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    Learn what are the new space missions that NASA is preparing to launch and how to work with NASA

  • Access to most disruptive and innovative companies

    in Silicon Valley

  • DAY 3

    Universities, Accelerators, Incubators and Innovation Labs:

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    Stanford University

    A place where Silicon Valley has started. Today Stanford remains one of the main stakeholders of innovative ecosystem. Learn about Stanford innovation labs and how it engages with local tech community.

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    Visit the heart of Palo Alto and see how Lean startup approach is applied by B8TA platform founders who help inventors and tech startups to beta test their innovative devices and collect real time analytics from the customers.

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    Plug N Play

    Tech Center

    Plug n Play one of the biggest international incubators and accelerators that is a great place to start as a foreign entrepreneur or a business owner. Learn about Plug n Play projects, startups and opportunities.

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    Visit the famous company that connects the professional world and learn about its corporate culture, best practices to hire and develop employees and maintain its leadership on the changing market and challenges to deal with Gen Z.

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    Innovation Lab

    Visit one of the top Silicon Valley Innovation Labs - HP Lab or Jabil and learn about the industrial trends in 3D printing, Robotics, IOT. Explore their technologies and business models to work with top corporations globally.

  • Get inspired by powerful ideas and strategic insights on technology and innovation

  • DAY 4

    Startups, Unicorns, Innovation Showcases and Venture Funds:

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    Innovative Gadgets Tryouts

    Visit Autodesk Gallery or

    Target Open House to play with next generation gadgets - smart IOT devices, robots and drones - all on beta testing - you won't find them anywhere else yet.

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    Disruptive AI Startup 

    Startups are the agenda setters for the future of innovation. Top CEOs are willing to learn from startups today, as pioneers in the fields of AI, blockchain, etc Dive into a day of startup. Meet one of the founders and ask all your questions.

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    Every member of "PayPal mafia" has become a successful CEO or the founder or next unicorn. What made this company so impactful?

    Meet the insider and learn about the next wave of fintech disruption.

    (Can be replaced by other fintech company)

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    The Top VC Fund

    Have you heard of Sequoia Capital or Andreessen and Horowitz? Well its time to meet these folks and learn what the buzz is about.


    Meeting investors is a great chance to pitch your project as well.


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    A Brief Story of Tech

    Learn how Silicon Valley Ecosystem started and if you can replicate it - by visiting the Intel Museum

    or Computer History Museum.

    Today these museums are not about the past - but about the future.

  • Supercharge your innovation agenda and create long-term fruitful relations with Silicon Valley

  • DAY 5

    Inspiring places, Insightful meetings and future strategies:

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    Berkeley University

    Berkeley is a place where the brightest minds from across the globe come together to explore, ask questions and improve the world. Spend your morning at Berkeley, learn about leading research, technology and business schools, reevaluate the role of academia in igniting innovation.

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    Meet famous Unicorn

    Uber, Airbnb, Dropbox, Spotify, Square, Coursera and many other world known names are the inhabitants of Silicon Valley. Feel their drive and passion to innovate, meet their team and get a sense of what it takes to be a Silicon Valley unicorn!

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    Startup Pitch Night

    Hear from 10 disruptive Silicon Valley Startups from various industries and tech verticals to get insights on the next big thing and reflect what can be used for your business.

    You can also take a chance and do your pitch!

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    Wrap up Session

    Summarize your impressions and insights and build your strategy and vision for your leadership, empowered by Silicon Valley. We offer Design Thinking Workshop or moderated Innovative Road Map Building Session.

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    Goodbye Dinner and Drinks

    Enjoy a wonderful dinner by the ocean waterfront, insightful conversations with your your new friends and take a moment to imagine your next breakthrough.

    And definitely come back to Silicon Valley!

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  • Silicon Valley Discovery Tour:

    The experience you will never forget

  • The program includes transport, lunches, welcome reception, tour programs.

    Participants are responsible for their visas, hotel and flight tickets booking.


    We are happy to recommend our partnering hotel networks for your convenience.


    Should you need any assistance - contact us at: office@indina-consulting.com

    or whats app : +1 (415) 996 9330

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